Agency Workers

Agency Workers


In today’s work environment, small businesses need to watch every penny that comes into and leaves the company. Owners and managers have to be creative in how to save the company money while not compromising the operations of the company. This is one of the main reasons why small businesses rely on agency workers. All in all, it is a very lucrative practice for small businesses to rely on agency workers. The benefits of agency workers far outnumber the benefits of full-time employees. Some of the most prominent benefits are:



Economical & Flexible


They only get paid for the hours that they work. Since they may only be needed for two or three hours a day, this amounts to a huge saving in the payroll bill. Agency workers also have fewer legal obligations attached to their employment. Government taxes and fees are not applicable to agency workers and the company saves huge amounts of money in this way.



Time & Money Saving Human Resource


Hiring any Virtual Assistant with Future Force can save time & equipment (e.g. laptops and printers) and most of the time they prefer to work from their home. This saves the company the cost of buying expensive machinery, equipment, and furniture and office space. When the agency worker does need to work from the company’s offices, a temporary desk can be assigned to the worker.



Easy & Hassle Free Hiring


One of the biggest advantages of having an agency worker is the ease with which they can be replaced. The legalities that apply to disciplining and dismissing a permanent employee do not apply to agency workers. If the worker does not perform to standard, s/he can be replaced without any questions being asked or any formalities being followed. Agency workers help small businesses save enough money to stay in business until the business is financially stable enough and busy enough to employ permanent employees. Some companies may even opt to use agency workers on an on-going basis. Although the agency still gets its fee, the cost factor is still far more favourable.



Temporary & Contractual Workforce


As an agency, hundreds of temps are registered with us and they are ready to work on very short notice. All temps have relevant Experience in their fields. Whenever we receive any request for a job (either is on temporary / permanent basis) before placement one of our recruitment consultants match it very carefully with a most suitable candidate.



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