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One of the main tools that recruitment consultants use to attract potential candidates is job advertisements. Job advertisements contain the specifications of the available job with details of place and remuneration. People interested in applying for that position will then contact the agency and send in their CV for consideration.



How does the process work?


The consultant will meet with the client and glean as much information about the job from him / her. This information will form the basis of the advertisement. It will describe what the job is about and what qualifications and experience a candidate should have in order to qualify for an interview.


The first round of screening and interviewing is done by the consultant. This saves the client time and effort, as well as frustration. Once the consultant is happy with the candidates that have been for an interview, s/he will shortlist the most qualified and presents their CVs to the client. The client will then do further screening and decide which candidates they want to invite for an interview. After this series of interviews, the client either draws up a final shortlist or makes the appointment – depending on the type of position they are recruiting for.



The Job Advert


The consultant is trained to write the best and most attractive advertisement for each job. It is meant to attract more qualified people than the so-called “chancers” (people who will apply for any position despite the fact that they don’t have the necessary qualifications or experience). It must also show enough of the job to entice the best quality potential candidates. This will help the consultant to present good CVs to the client and increases the possibility of getting the right person for the job.





Depending on the level of the job being advertised and the client’s agreement with the recruitment consultancy, the cost of the advert is carried by the agency. The client only pays where there are special circumstances involved (like radio and TV ads). Depending on the quality of the applicants that respond to the advert, the consultant may decide to advertise again – this time perhaps in a different forum. This too will be without extra cost to the client. However, where the client insists on advertising again despite having seen quality candidates, the agency may require payment from them.



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